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#1 <VilelaBot> Level 82 DoS Alert: SMWC is getting an overload of 12352.30%.
#2 <Adam> i wish humanity had the superpower of being able to deal with differing opinions
<Adam> we haven't consumed enough chemicals
<Sir Walrus> maybe THAT's what those chemtrails are doing
#3 <Teyla> h
<Eevee> h
<trillian> h
<Dan> h
<Telinc1> i
<sincx> j
<trillian> k
<Telinc1> l
<sincx> m
<trillian> n
<Telinc1> o
<Eevee> d
<Telinc1> e
<Eevee> k
<Eevee> staff team 👏
#4 <Walrusbot> (regalert) Attempted register from IP with name: Discordcentralisgay (success)
#5 <Ragey> it's like you went to a flea market and found 500 bootleg mario games
#6 <Noivern> what's gonna be the 1000th accepted hack
<Noivern> my guess is erik
<Noivern> erik, submit yourself
#7 <Noivern> it wont be inactive because there will be people complaining that its inactive
<Noivern> if there's anything smwc has enough of, it's active people complaining about inactivity
<Vert> "active"
<Noivern> "people"
<Sayuri> "be"
<TheWarriorOfNihilism> "complaining"
<lx5> "'s"
<LappySheep> ""
#8 <Vert> alcaro is not a robot
<Alcaro> banned
<steven> 1 eye with 2 pupils alcaro is sonic the hedgehog
<Vert> wow that deserves an even harder ban imo
<Alcaro> backseat moderation while you're banned is a bannable offense, sir applies brown paint
<Vert> no
<Vert> i cant be banned more
<Qwoll> dang banning a banned person
#9 <Sir Walrus> * ni**er ( has joined #serioushax
<Sir Walrus> good user
<Noivern> IRC
<nameless> stop cussin
<Sir Walrus> yeah noivern stop using irc as if it's a profanity
#10 <Telinc1> no objection
<Telinc1> I'm willing to also review potential PRs
<Sir Walrus> I'm willing to review your reviews
<Kieran> I'm willing to pretend to do things
<Kieran> wait no
<Kieran> too much effort
#11 <Super Maks 64> We did it, SMWC is now hosting 1000 SMW hacks (actually less than that if you don't consider Mario gfx VIPs to be different hacks from Ascii Art VIPs)
<Sir Walrus> rip
<Sir Walrus> time to shut down the site
<Ladida> finally
<Sir Walrus> except it's past midnight, i'll do it tomorrow. unless there's 1001 by then
<Super Maks 64> It has been such a long time since the last wipe
<Ruberjig> :dabio64:
#12 <Sir Walrus> poke kireyan harder
#13 <Eevee> [attached image]
<Eevee> cursed day
#14 <Alcaro> i mean discord is cool and all
<Alcaro> objection
<Ladida> i fell for the discord meme sorry alcaro
#15 <Heraga> is this loss @Magikey
<Deeke> When Loss goes over four panels it starts using glitched poses from tilesets that it wasn't programed to use, so this could very well be.
<Magi> lmao
<Heraga> i want that message pinned
#16 <trillian> nice 5 year bump
<trillian> asking an inactive user to post a link
<Noivern> that's incredible
<Noivern> quoting an inactive user to ask an inactive user for a link
<FPzero> not only that but registering and account to emptyquote an inactive user asking for a link by making a 5 year bump
<FPzero> that's some galaxy brain shit
#17 Context: PHP-related discussion
<Ladida> php
<trillian> yes
<Sir Walrus> plp
<Telinc1> personal home page
<Sir Walrus> personal lol page
#18 <Sir Walrus> welcome to computers
<Sir Walrus> making sense is optional
#19 <Ruberjig> h
<a hick> e
<Tob> n
<a hick> k
<Manofer> what
<a hick> is
<Tob> love
<trillian> baby
<Manofer> don't
<Sir Walrus> hurt
<Manofer> me
<Tob> don't
<trillian> hurt
<Erik> how about #world-of-insanity
#20 <Ragey> 3-level smw demo: exists
<Ragey> hacker-boi: EXPAND TO 4MB
#21 <SpogoOnSMWC> who's is Kieran?
#22 <Vitor Vilela> once I PMed someone also a thing and only after I got that user though skype or something he told me that didn't know what was PMs
<anonimzwx> p4plus2 doesnt know
<anonimzwx> he only knows AMs
#23 <Sir Walrus> yeah, it's super easy to do dumb shit in asm
<Sir Walrus> source: have done dumb shit in asm
#24 <Sir Walrus> did discord eat the message
<Selicre> oh I am blind
<Selicre> no I'm just not reading properly
<Sir Walrus> that works too but let's blame discord anyways
#25 <Sir Walrus> C is a 'I know what I'm doing, shut up' language. it's not helpful like Rust
<Selicre> yeah that's fair
<Selicre> except you don't really know what you are doing and then end up shooting yourself and everyone else in the 50m radius in everyone's respective foot
#26 <Sir Walrus> [long message with an unmatched left parenthesis]
<Sir Walrus> did discord eat my parens again
<trillian> i only see one left parens
<Sir Walrus> yeah, it ate it
<Sir Walrus> (how many discord bugs can I make up before he calls bullshit on me?)
#27 <zacmario> Phhh I just upgraded from a p4
<Selicre> plus2?
#28 <Majorflare> coconuts spawn a lot in Brazil
<Majorflare> we grow accustomed with them
<Fawful> "spawn"
<Fawful> screen scrolling strats to optimize your coconut farming when
#29 <Ladida> i seriously hope your code isnt in lowercase jimmy
<Ladida> we are done if so
<Jimmy> [attached image]
<trillian> oh god curly braces too
<Jimmy> curly braces are CUTE
<Ladida> from this point on, me and jimmy are separate entities. we are no longer the same person
    LdA !14D4,x
    StA $01
    LdA !D8,x
    StA $00
    ReP #$20
    LdA #$00F0
    SeC : SbC $00
    ASL #4
    StA $4204
    SeP #$20

this is the thing

<Sir Walrus> LdA
<Sir Walrus> the fuck
<LMPuny> that's how i write, sorry if it looks weird
<Sir Walrus> LOoks LIke ctHULHU FArTED on yoUr CODE
<Sir Walrus> I'm noT EVEn GONnA tRy tO rEaD ThAT
#31 <byuu> "how long until byuu makes his own discord client?" -- what do you think I'm using now?
<byuu> biscord
<Selicre> byuuscord
<lx5> russian malware
<byuu> i still think bisqwit should make a client
<byuu> bisqword
<Jimmy> lol
<Selicre> he'd probably make it run under dos
<Selicre> doscord
<Jimmy> maybe htat'll be his next video
<Jimmy> "making an irc client from scratch"
<byuu> TAS edition
<Selicre> I mean irc is nothing more than a thin wrapper around a TCP socket
<Selicre> discord is a bit more complex
<lx5> discord client running on a breadboard
<byuu> i -did- write an IRC client, seriously
<lx5> ft ben eater
#32 <Jimmy> I lke how you can always tell who's using a different client
<Jimmy> because you never know when they're typing
<Jimmy> and they suddenly send a message
<Sir Walrus> I could implement that, but I kinda like how it confuses everyone
#33 <Selicre> The plural of regex is regrets
#34 <FL4SHK> I've recently gotten into the use of m4 (the macro preprocessor) and am actually digging it.
<Sir Walrus> I've recently gotten into the use of p4 (the birb expert) and am actually digging it.
<Selicre> I've recently gotten into the use of c4 (the explosive) and am actually digging with it.
<Ersanio> I've recently gotten into the use of a4 (the paper) and am actually digging it.
#35 <Sir Walrus> either I did something wrong or this adler32 code is gonna run at 250000.000000GB/s
#36 <p4plus2> ....just about started to write some code, then I looked at the time
<p4plus2> bad decisions were almost made
<Selicre> lmao same
<Selicre> except I usually start writing anyway
<p4plus2> can't say I'm not tempted
#37 <Sir Walrus> hi p4 i'm plotting something evil
<Sir Walrus> !ar wmath plot satan curve
<Sir Walrus> 

python: batteries included
c++: anodes and cathodes included

#39 <Sir Walrus> note to self: std::vector ret; gives an obnoxiously huge error
<Sir Walrus> note to self: fixing code but not saving gives a suspiciously similar obnoxiously huge error
#40 <Sir Walrus> atari is the local concepts expert
<Selicre> atari can call himself a concept artist
<Atari2.0> fuckin
#41 <Atari2.0> also I wouldn't call concepts hacks, if anything they help un-hack code that was abusing templates to hell and back
<Atari2.0> sfinae and enable_if are bleh
<Selicre> I call these things typesystem bdsm
<Selicre> It is entertaining, but painful, and you probably don't want the general public to look at it
#42 <Sir Walrus> std:: has suspiciously many oddly specific functions
<Atari2.0> and yet it doesn't have a string split function
<Kyuuhachi> Since when is string split oddly specific
<Atari2.0> it is not
<Kyuuhachi> So there's no reason to have it in std::
#43 <trillian> new ram arrived, time to dismantle laptop again
<Kyuuhachi> Battering rams are indeed effective at dismantling laptops
<Kyuuhachi> I would assume
[20:47:38] <Selicre> 
scrolls.scroll.gyfu=scroll of GYFU
scrolls.scroll.raido=scroll of RAIDO
scrolls.scroll.isaz=scroll of ISAZ
[20:53:24] <FL4SHK> How did they write "scroll of RAIDO" without it being a string? Isn't the game written in Java?
[20:53:39] <Selicre> it's a .properties file
[20:53:40] <Kyuuhachi> That's just an ini file
[20:53:40] <trillian> that looks like some configuration file
[20:53:40] <Sir Walrus> that's a config file
[20:53:47] <Selicre> x4 combo
#45 [22:07] <Ragey> drinking game: watch prison documentaries like hard time and take a shot whenever a criminal says "you know what i'm saying"
[22:17] <Ragey> update: i ran out of booze
#46 <Selicre> the people who use lynx can run my JS by hand.
<Selicre> Pen and paper puzzle.
#47 <xfix> If the 301 status code is received in response to a request other than GET or HEAD, the user agent MUST NOT automatically redirect [...]
<Selicre> my brain somehow short-circuited when reading that and read "the user agent MUST GET HEAD"
#48 <Atari2.0> tf does futimens even do
<Sir Walrus> sets atime/mtime on a file descriptor
<Aly> vitamins (sets itami on a vile descriptor)
#49 <Selicre> the existence of baseless accusations implies the existence of cringeless accusations
#50 <Sir Walrus> yet another exciting[citation needed] episode of 'is this a gcc bug or am I the one who fucked up'
<Selicre> you seem to run into gcc bugs a lot
<Selicre> have you tried not doing fucked up shit
#51 <p4plus2> Window ce, me and nt
<p4plus2> Aka windows cement
#52 <marko312> new and improved set theory: any set with a non-finite number of elements goes on the naughty list and is ignored
#53 <trillian> [...] sets up the clock multiplier [...]
<Sir Walrus> multiply my clock
<Selicre> multiply my c- wait no
<Selicre> do not multiply that
<Sir Walrus> by zero
<Sir Walrus> never too late to be transgender
#54 <FL4SHK> just had to remind myself of the difference between an inclusive range and an exclusive range
<Sir Walrus> inclusive range contains lgbt people
#55 <trillian> i still think sometimes about writing a custom driver for my nkro keyboard that only gets 6kro on linux because of usb limits
<Kyuuhachi> I think that's called nkromancy
#56 <trillian> [talking about libreboot]
<Kyuuhachi> What's so good about a library for rebooting
<Kyuuhachi> Just use subprocess for that
<Selicre> libreboob
<Selicre> diy hrt
#57 <Selicre> some people call babel a transpiler. However, it turns javascript into javascript, therefore it should be called a cispiler