About me

Hi, I'm trillian (previously also known as randomdude999, they/them please). I'm a programmer/student from Estonia.

I'm into cryptography, and an active member of CryptoHack.

Used to be fairly active on Super Mario World Central, a site for hacking (i.e. modding) SMW.

I also enjoy code golf. My codegolf.SE profile, though there's also a bunch of miscellaneous code-golf I've done outside of that site.

I also play CTFs with my team Keyboard Monkeys. We're one of the top teams of Estonia, but only because there's barely any Estonian teams at all :D

Short list of programming languages I'm comfortable with, in roughly decreasing order of confidence: Python, C, C++, assembly (65c816 and x86), Bash, HTML/CSS, JS, PHP, Lua.

My blog (also features writeups of some projects)

Quote archive (most of these won't be funny to anyone other than me, but feel free to browse anyways)

Other projects